Introducing Kirana Club Insider

Unveiling the Pulse of India's Largest Retailer Community

We are excited to present Kirana Club Insider, an exclusive monthly newsletter crafted specifically for FMCG professionals.

At Kirana Club, we are creating India's largest community of retailers, connecting them directly with brands and fostering insightful conversations that drive business strategies and product discussions.

Today, over 14 Lakh Kiranas have joined Kirana Club, forming a vibrant ecosystem where they exchange ideas, share expertise, and collaborate for mutual growth.

As Kiranas thrive and collaborate within our vibrant community. We have witnessed firsthand the tremendous value of the insights generated by retailers, which have been extremely useful and exciting for brand managers. Their constant enthusiasm for receiving information about various products and categories has inspired us to share these invaluable insights with the entire FMCG community.

In each edition of Kirana Club Insider, you'll get:

🌟 The most talked-about brands and products.

🌟 Emerging trends that are shaping the FMCG landscape.

🌟 Sentiment and opinions of retailers on product launches and brand initiatives.

Kirana Club Insider is your exclusive window into the heart of India's retailer community. Be prepared to uncover the strategies, trends, and products that shape the FMCG landscape, and gain access to the invaluable expertise and knowledge shared among Kiranas.

The first edition of Kirana Club Insider comes out soon. To get it in your inbox, join the waitlist today.

Note: The newsletter is exclusively for FMCG professionals. Please use your work email to get access.