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June 2023

July 7, 2023

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Retailer’s Top Picks

The Most Talked-About Brands

In June alone, Kirana retailers dedicated a staggering 220,000 hours to Kirana Club. That's right, over 2L hours or a collective 25 years of engagement in just one month.

And let's be honest, given the nature of their business, these retailers love to chit-chat! 😄 The countless comments and posts generated by these Kiranas served as a treasure trove of insights. Our dedicated data science team worked tirelessly to extract these valuable insights and calculate the Buzz Score for each brand. Leveraging our advanced language models capable of analyzing multiple languages, we proudly present to you the most talked-about brands and companies among India's largest retailer community.

Kirana Ki Adalat

Retailer’s Favourite Brand

During these lively chit-chats, the retailers passionately expressed their admiration for certain brands, but they also didn't shy away from sharing their discontent with others.

Our language models meticulously analyzed the sentiment expressed in the comments and posts, allowing us to calculate the brand-level sentiment on the platform. Mondelez was the most loved brand in June on the platform. Mondelez content saw engagement by over 1L retailers.


Trending Topics among Retailers

The most talked about topics on the platform in June.

KC Insights

Who's the Real Shopper? Men or Women?

Also covered by The Economic Times

Kirana Club featured on the front page of The Economics Time

Kirana Club featured on the front page of The Economics Time

One of our inquisitive minds recently posed a thought-provoking question on our company Slack: Who visits a Kirana store more frequently, men or women? Intrigued by this query, we turned to our users for insights.

In just a matter of hours, we received an overwhelming response, with thousands of retailers sharing their observations. The results, to our surprise, were quite intriguing. Among the retailers, 63% reported that men constitute the majority of shoppers. However, this percentage varies significantly from region to region. For instance, in Madhya Pradesh (MP), only 29% of shoppers were females, while Maharashtra and Gujarat stood at 52% and 54%, respectively.

The insights become even more captivating when analyzed at a city level. Mumbai emerged as the leader, with an astonishing 71% of shoppers being females.

These regional dynamics hold great significance for FMCG companies in developing marketing strategies and tailor product offerings to effectively engage consumers.

If you would like access to the detailed city-level report, please reach out to us.

We would also love to hear your suggestions for the next edition. What burning question would you like us to ask the Kiranas?

Top Tagline

Thanda Thanda Cool Cool

This summer posed significant challenges for the FMCG industry, especially with the unseasonal rains. However, as the season progressed, the industry found some relief. At Kirana Club, the discussions surrounding summer-specific products experienced a substantial increase in June.

Among the trending topics, Cold Drinks captured a significant amount of attention. There were other products like Navratna, a name that immediately comes to mind when seeking a soothing head massage. The Buzz Score of Navratna in June was four times higher compared to May, a remarkable surge in retailer interest and engagement.

Kiranas X CEO

Chawal Par Charcha

When a CEO of a billion-dollar enterprise engages in a wholesome conversation with lakhs of Kiranas, authentic feedback and valuable insights are bound to emerge.

That's precisely what took place at the recent "Chawal Par Charcha" event hosted by Kirana Club. The event featured Mr Ritesh Arora, the CEO of Daawat Rice, in a live video chat with an impressive audience of over 1.5 lakh Kirana shop owners.

This unique round table discussion allowed Kiranas from across India to interact directly with Mr Ritesh, making it an unprecedented event. The overwhelming response showcased the eagerness of the retailers to connect with the CEO. Ritesh shared his vision, addressing the questions and concerns raised by the retailers. The interaction left a lasting impact, instilling a sense of confidence among the retailers, who now have a direct line to the CEO through Kirana Club.

This remarkable event exemplifies the power of bridging the gap between industry leaders and retailers, fostering collaboration and growth within the FMCG sector.

During a live session, a retailer suggested an effective strategy for Daawat to increase sales of premium SKUs. The retailer proposed providing testers to top retailers, considering that Indian consumers often prefer to try products before making a premium purchase, especially for commodities like rice. The idea is to have different rice qualities displayed in bowls, allowing consumers to feel the grain size and smell the aroma, thereby driving adoption and fostering consumer confidence in the brand.

If you are interested in joining us for the next live with Kiranas, let us know.


Trending Retailer Videos

The Voice of Retailers

Retailer’s Advice to Brands

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