📢 Kirana Club Insider #2: Insights from 10L+ Kiranas | July 2023

July 2023

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Retailer’s Top Picks

The trifecta of Patanjali, Parle and HUL🔺

The multiverse of kiranas is full of brands old and new, and there’s always chatter about the ‘it’ brands. 🌟 And when India’s largest retail community speaks, we listen.

Our language models analyse all the different dialects our community speaks and calculate the Buzz Score - a score that tells you the popular brands of the month. While some are evergreen favourites, we also see some new names that surprise us. Check it out for yourself 👇

Kirana Ki Adalat

Fortune favours the brave retailers 🛒

More often than not, we see consumer trends directly reflect what retailers love. For July, it’s been Fortune. Their soya chunks, atta and oil were the most mentioned products with a whopping 300% increase in engagement. 🚀


Retailers are always #vocalforlocal 🇮🇳

We love homegrown brands. And July saw a bunch of local, homegrown India brands pacing up in the race to reach our retail shelves. Consumer trends show a preference for local and made in India brands.

KC x Brand

Kirana Club 🤝 Panchvati: A powerful story of growth 📈

One of the most interesting growth stories at Kirana Club, comes from a homegrown brand - Panchvati Herbals. They are a growing brand in the herbal self-care ecosystem. Their director Mr. Harshdeep Sethi reached out to Kirana Club with a bag full of ideas and an offer to collaborate.

Having worked with seasoned players like PepsiCo and Perfetti at Kirana Club, our first question was - will we be able to help Panchvati next to these FMCG giants? The answer was pretty simple, retail is not a competition, it is a thriving ecosystem.

So we pulled our socks up and started. After a bunch of brainstorm sessions with their team, we had a set plan. 🎯 

We worked together to craft marketing and promotional campaigns to showcase the quality of Panchvati’s products. Panchvati’s team came up with creative videos which focused on the benefits of the product, highlighted the healthy margins, and provided exclusive cash-on delivery services. This got us some great results!

Our retailers were so happy with the quality and the margins, that Panchvati saw numerous repeat orders in the same week and a huge bump in their sales. Through content and influencers, Kirana Club generated over 2L impressions and a 175% increase in intent. Hear it from the retailers who trusted and loved Panchvati.

Kirana Club’s collaboration with Panchvati has opened our doors to more SME businesses. We can’t wait to see the potential it unlocks.

KC Insights

What’s trending for Rakshabandhan

It’s ever so interesting to see how retail trends change during Rakshabandhan. While the older generation is always prepared with their rakhis and gifts, for millennials and GenZ, it’s almost always a last-minute affair. We conducted a survey with our Kirana network to find out the most hot-selling products during Rakhi.

No points for guessing, Soan Papdi came on top with 59.6% votes, followed by Snickers and Ferrero Rocher. Now that you’re here, take this as a subtle reminder to dispatch those rakhis, sweets and gifts!

What’s Happening in the Industry

Cracking the pasta code

Italy’s national food is making it’s way right up there with our Poha, Upma, Idli and Parathas!

While brands like Nestlé, ITC, Bambino, MTR, and Del Monte have jumped on this trend, what’s even more surprising is that 75% of pasta sales still belong to the traditional 'khula' (loose) pasta. In this very ‘loose pasta’ segment lies an opportunity that big brands cannot miss, to have a more significant hold in this market.


Trending Retailer Videos 🔥

Just as the customer is king for retailers, retailers are the kings of our FMCG universe. 👑 The wisdom an everyday retailer has to share is unparalleled - and we are always striving to give them a voice and platform.

We hope you found these videos as insightful as we did! 🌟🛍️ Stay tuned for more from our dynamic retailer community in the next newsletter.

Cycle Pure Dhoop with 17% Margin

Bhawani Singh Ji
Sirur, Maharashtra

This Soyabean oil will give you Rs 10 Profit

Aman Ji
Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh

Lifebuoy's 4+1 Scheme

Udit Sharma Ji
Bisauli, Uttar Pradesh

Parivaar and Balaji Soyabean Oil

Manohar Mahale Ji
Nandurbar, Maharashtra

Surprise of the Month

Ads that ruled our childhood 📺

This month’s surprise will take you down memory lane of sitting with your family to watch good old television commercials play in between your favourite shows.😌 Watch these classics and enjoy the iconic marketing - but there’s a catch. We’ve cut the brand names out, and you have to guess them!

PS. Answers are in the description box, but don’t cheat!

Coming back from the era of Walkman & dial-up internet to Airpods and Wifi, we’ve got meetings to catch and more insights to dig. Be right back, brainstorming on the next month’s surprise 🎉✍️

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