Retailer Payments Shake-up | Jan'24

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Welcome to this year’s first edition of 'Kirana Club Insider' - your monthly gateway to insights from India's vibrant Kirana stores. As we kick off the year, we're delighted to present the January edition, featuring valuable insights from our expansive community, now boasting over 18 Lakh Retailers.

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Products of the Month

Unwrapping the Top Products that Stole the Show 

Here's the scoop on the trendiest products on our platform!

🌟 Rajdhani Besan: A surprise entry! Rajdhani Besan stole the spotlight with a mind-blowing 90x increase in impressions in January.

🔥 Amul Pure Ghee: A winter classic that needs no introduction. This golden delight was already a hit, but it saw a 5x jump in impressions! 

💫 Ghadi Detergent Cake: Another familiar face on our app, Ghadi Detergent Cake enjoyed a fantastic 5x surge in impressions. 

And that's not all! From Fena Superwash Detergent Powder, Godrej No.1 Lime & Aloe Vera Soap, to Fortune Soya Wadi/Chunks, Dabur Anmol Gold Pure Coconut Oil, these winter essentials are winning hearts.

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Kirana Club Survey

Will Packed Mithai Steal Chocolate's Spotlight?

Amidst the buzz about packed mithai overtaking chocolates, especially during festivals, we decided to delve deeper. Our retailers were asked to weigh in, and the results weren't surprising. An overwhelming 60% reported a surge in demand for packed mithai, indicating a clear shift in consumer preferences.

Leading the pack are brands like Haldiram's, reigning supreme, followed closely by Bikaji, Bikano, and others. Visualize their dominance in the creative below, where the size of each logo mirrors its place in consumers' hearts.

Kirana Club Survey

Breaking News: Retailer Payments Shake-up!

After the recent RBI ban on PayTM, Kirana Club swiftly conducted a survey to assess its impact on our retailers. The findings are revealing!

Prior to the ban, 69% of our retailers depended on the PayTM QR code. However, post-ban, sentiments have shifted significantly—68% expressed a decrease in trust in the platform.

Perhaps most noteworthy is the rapid adoption of alternative payment apps; a staggering 42% of these retailers have transitioned, with PhonePe emerging as the preferred choice, closely followed by Google Pay.

Emerging Brands

Rajdhani, Gopal, Kamco, Sunder, Sobisco Creating Buzz

Five emerging brands are creating a buzz in our lively retailer community!

  • Rajdhani stands out with its line-up of Rajdhani Besan, Makki Atta, Makhna, Mustard Oil, and Sarso Tel.

  • Gopal catches attention with Cornoz Katak Matak, Papad, Urad Papad, Chana Dal, and Cristos Salted.

  • Kamco adds fun to the mix with Zoozy Bubble Tape, Choco Cube, Motu Patlu Gold Coin Chocolate, Boom Up, and Coconut Soft Layer Cake.

  • Sunder shines bright in Maharashtra and MP with Super Coconut Biscuits, Coriander Powder, Krack ‘n’ Krisp Biscuits, Choco Layered Cake, and Noodles Snack.

  • Sobisco takes the spotlight in Bihar with Toast, Cake, Veg Cake, Jeera Punch Biscuits, and Double Treat. It's a flavor-packed lineup you won't want to miss!

Top Brands

Top 10 Brands of the Month! 

Parle continues to lead the pack with 569,848 impressions, featuring Parle-G Biscuits, 20-20 Cashew Cookies, and Parle-G Gold.

Following closely is Fortune with 409,093 impressions, showcasing Refined Soyabean Oil and Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil.

Patanjali shines with 388,260 impressions, spotlighting Pure Honey, Nisha Hair Color, and Kesh Kanti Herbal Natural Black.

Retailers’ Pick

Fortune Emerges as the Favourite Brand of the Month 

Fortune emerges as the Favorite Brand of the Month, igniting conversations with 85 engaging User-Generated Content (UGC) posts.

Products like Fortune Refined Soyabean Oil, Fortune Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil, and Fortune Soya Wadi/Chunks have become focal points of interest, amassing a remarkable 6,500 comments.

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