Retailers' Expectations from Sales Reps

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Retailers’ Pick

Trending Products

March witnessed a notable surge in interest among our retailers for a diverse range of products. From the refreshing allure of Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash and Ghadi Detergent Powder to the beloved comfort of Maggi 2-Minute Masala Instant Noodles, these favourites set the stage for a lively transition into the summer season and festive celebrations throughout March.

Retailers’ Pick

Which Hair Oil is Selling the Most - Any guesses?

Retailer posts on Hair Oils got over 2 Million views in the last two months, which piqued our interest. We decided to delve deeper and understand which subcategories of hair oils are selling the most in summer. 

Here's what we found: 'Thanda Oil' (Cool Oil) is the top choice nationwide, followed by 'Sarso Oil' in the Eastern States (Bihar, Jharkhand, & Chhattisgarh). 'Coconut Oil' takes second place in MP, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan. Interestingly, in Maharashtra, 'Almond Oil' also made its mark as a preferred choice for 10% of retailers.

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Kirana Club Survey

Packaged Water Trend

We stumbled upon a retailer survey conducted by FMCG consultant Sanjeev Srivastav using our tool, shedding light on recent trends in packaged water sales. Here's what we discovered:

  • 82% of retailers selling packaged water noted a substantial increase in sales in recent years.

  • Maharashtra takes the lead in this surge, with most retailers witnessing a boost in sales.

  • The trend isn't limited to urban areas; rural demand for packaged water is also on the rise.

Got a burning question for retailers? Don't hesitate to ask! Simply use our tool to get direct insights from our retailers—it's free.

Kirana Club Survey

Retailers’ expectations from Sales Reps?

Ever wondered what else retailers expect from sales reps beyond taking orders? Us too! That's why we're diving deep into this topic to uncover the details.

We've been chatting with retailers about what else they value most: helpfulness, or maybe just knowing all the ins and outs of their products.

Here are the results!

Priorities Vary by Location: Tier 1 and 2 city retailers want SRs to address the delivery and return issues over new product info, while rural retailers are most concerned about staying updated on new product launches.

But that's not all! We're digging deeper into what makes retailer-brand relationships thrive. Think exceptional service, quick delivery, and... well, we'll share the full scoop soon!

Why does this matter? Strong brand-retailer partnerships are the backbone of the FMCG industry. Get this right, and everyone wins.

So stay tuned! We've got some exciting insights coming your way.

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Hear it from Retailers

We've always been blown away by the insights we get from retailers – whether it's through their videos, comments, or anything else. It's amazing to hear about their unique perspectives, creative solutions, innovative ideas and just how they think! And now, we’re excited to share a few of these with you! From how packaging issues can harm trust to tips for handling upset customers, retailers have all the answers!

Kirana Club Survey

Bura Mat Maano Stock karlo, holi hai 

In addition to stumbling upon heartwarming Holi pictures from our retailers on our app, we uncovered some fascinating insights!

We asked retailers about the sales of Holi colors this year compared to last year and the demand for organic colors. Here's what we found:

  • 42% reported an increase in sales compared to last year, while 36% mentioned no significant change, and 24% noted a decrease.

  • An overwhelming 69% stated that the demand for organic colors has surged, with this trend consistent across all states.

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We're thrilled to have Adani Wilmar & Too Yumm! join us as our newest brand partners! Excited to embark on a journey of ongoing collaboration and growth with these brands, as we constantly innovate our solutions to meet evolving needs.

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