What are Retailers Stocking this Summer?

“Chubhti Jalti Garmi ka Mausam Aaya..”

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Welcome to the Summer edition of 'Kirana Club Insider' - your monthly dose of insights from India’s Largest Kirana Community. As we approach closer to summer, this edition features how retailers across the country are preparing for the season.

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Kirana Club Survey

Summer is Coming: A Season for Cold Drinks and Snacks! 

Retailers are gearing up to meet the escalating demand by ensuring their shelves are stocked with summer essentials.

67% of retailers are prioritizing the stocking of cold drinks. Followed by dairy products, oils, powders, and the ever-popular snacks & namkeens.

While this trend is consistent across most states, Uttar Pradesh presents a notable variation in its stocking patterns where, after cold drinks, powders and oils take precedence, followed by snacks & namkeen. Perhaps with the summer vacation approaching and children likely to be out of school, families are anticipated to seek out refreshing beverages and snacks, further driving the demand for these items.

Retailers’ Pick

Retailers' Pick: Local vs. Branded Beverages

With cold drinks reigning as the top-stocked item for summers, we delved into the debate of local versus branded through a comprehensive survey. The results underscore a prevailing preference for branded beverages, highlighting consumers' trust and loyalty towards established companies.

In Maharashtra, Kirana owners reported that local brands compete neck to neck with national brands. Nationally, a significant 68% of Kiranas indicate a preference for national brands over local alternatives. This trend echoes across regions like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Bihar, where 75% of retailers cite a higher demand for national brands.

Kirana Club Survey

Top Kid-Friendly Beverages Flying Off the Shelves

We dug deeper to understand the evolving preferences in children's beverages.

Frooti, Maaza, and Sprite are leading the charge here. Following closely behind are Dew, Sting, Coke, and Pepsi, catering to a variety of tastes. Traditional favourites such as Thums Up share the spotlight with newer entries like Jeera Soda and Appy Fizz, ensuring kids have a range of options to enjoy throughout the summer.

The state-wise trends add an intriguing layer to the story! In Uttar Pradesh, Frooti and Maaza reign supreme, closely trailed by Sting and Sprite.

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Where are Retailers Sourcing their Fridges From?

We've noticed a delightful uptick in fridge-related content on Kirana Club lately. Hundreds of retailers are sharing videos discussing fridges, which caught our attention.

Now, many of these retailers are pondering whether to opt for fridges from FMCG brands or to purchase their own. This got us curious, so we reached out to ask their opinions on the matter. We asked whether they currently have a refrigerator in their store and, if so, whether it's sourced from a brand.

Here’s what we found out:

Emerging Products

Unveiling the Top Emerging Products

Leading the pack is Bisleri, with an impressive 4.5x increase in impressions compared to last month. Following closely behind is Sprite, a refreshing beverage maintaining its popularity with a 4x increase in impressions. Securing the third spot is Dabur Honey Squeezy.

Rounding out the top 5 are Himgange Ayurvedic Oil and Pidilite’s Fevikwik, each garnering significant attention.

Emerging Brands

Emerging Brands to Watch Out

We've also observed some brands gaining momentum in retailer conversations on Kirana Club. This upward trend underscores the increasing visibility and appeal of these emerging players in the market.

Kirana Club Updates

New Brands Onboarded

We're excited to welcome Godrej, Bajaj, and Jabsons as our newest brand partners! We're brewing up some exciting initiatives together, and can't wait to leverage the power of our vibrant Kirana community to create a positive impact.

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