Top Pick: Kiranas' Preferred Brand Sales Reps? | Nov'23

November 2023

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Welcome to this year’s last edition of 'Kirana Club Insider' - your monthly dose of insights from Kiranas of India. A few months ago we released our first edition, and now as the year ends, we are thrilled to bring to you the 6th edition of insights from our retailer community that is now 15 Lakh+ Retailers strong!

Let’s dive, shall we?

Retailer’s Top Picks

Parle Emerges as the Undisputed Leader 🍪

Parle posts have gathered a staggering 652,551 impressions by Retailers on our Kirana Club App, followed by Patanjali with 545,151 impressions. Dabur follows closely in the third spot, shining brightly with 518,958 impressions.

Survey Insights

Kirana Votes: Best Sales Reps

At Kirana Club, we often talk about how sales reps play a big part in helping Kirana stores with choices, telling them about special offers, and sharing feedback with the company. So we thought as the year comes to an end, let’s take the Kirana Vote, "Which FMCG’s Sales Rep is your favourite?"

Guess what? To no one’s surprise, HUL came out on top! Retailers nominated over 90 different brand names with Parle and ITC making it to the top 3!

Here's a word cloud showing the top brands based on how many retailers voted for them.

Interestingly, each region has its favourites. Here are the top three choices of Kiranas from Rajasthan, Maharashtra, and Bihar.

And you know what surprised us? A bunch of new and growing brands also got mentioned by our Kirana Owners!

It's pretty cool to see what our Fellow Retailers think, and it helps us learn more about the brands they love and trust.

This pincode-level data is a treasure trove. Reach out to us at [email protected] for a comprehensive report. Rest assured, we won’t ask for any payment. 😄

Kirana Ki Adalat

Retailer's Choice: Ponds Flourishes with Pond’s Cold Cream Magic!

Pond’s has gracefully risen from 40 posts to an astonishing 75, captivating the hearts of the Kirana Owners with the appeal of Pond’s Cold Cream followed by Pond’s Lotion & Pond’s Bright Beauty Serum. Surprisingly, the hype is becoming even louder in places like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, and Haryana, where the number of influencer posts has increased significantly.

Survey Insights

Only 15% Kiranas Actively Do Home Delivery

In an age where technology is increasingly integrated into our lives, we were curious about the stance of our local Kirana retailers on competing with speedy 9-minute delivery apps. To find out, we conducted a survey asking them about their involvement in home deliveries. Based on 1000s of responses from our Retailer Community, here's what we discovered:

The answers were pretty similar in most places, but in Chhattisgarh and Haryana, it seems like there's not much demand for home delivery.

Emerging Brands

Emerging Brands Spotlight

In the ever-changing universe of rising companies, Mortein, Vatika, Clinic Plus, Rin, Ariel, and Wheel are currently taking centre stage. A noteworthy finding is that four of these emerging brands promote home care. Meanwhile, Vatika and Clinic Plus prosper in the shampoo market, giving a dynamic balance to customer tastes.

With a surprising up to 10x increase in impressions for Mortein, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, and Maharashtra steal the show. The spike can be linked to the busy mosquito season during mild winters, which coincides nicely with regional demands.

Most Interactive Category

Biscuit Mania: Britannia's Triumph and More in the Cookie Jar!

Biscuits succeed with 73.14K Interactions - the sum of likes, comments and shares received!

In the bustling industry of biscuits and cookies, Britannia emerges as the reigning champion, boasting an impressive 28.52K interactions. The trio of Patanjali Biscuits, Anmol, and Cadbury Oreo captivated consumers, gaining a substantial 46.2K engagements.

Kirana Club Updates

Kirana Club at Indian Food Forum

Kirana Club and our Kirana Owners were part of the India Food Forum 2023.

We sent out invites to 35 Kiranas, not sure how many would make it since we finalized the plan just 4 days before, and many had to travel over 10 hours. Surprisingly, all 35 showed up. Chetan Ji from Junagarh, Gujarat, went the extra mile—literally, travelling for over 18 hours.

Adding to the journey, two women retailers travelled overnight, getting a taste of a big city like Mumbai for the first time.

In the midst of an upscale setting with FMCG executives, our retailers confidently mingled with industry leaders, throwing some tough questions their way.

Later, one of these retailers shared their experience on the Kirana Club App, saying, "Aisa anubhav jeevan me pehli baar hua hai, business ke bare me iss tare se bhi soch sakte hai ye humein nahi pata tha" (This kind of experience happened for the first time in my life; we didn't know we could think about business in this way).

Our hearts are full seeing the shift from online chats to real connections. Moments like these keep us going at Kirana Club, pushing us to support the millions of retailers across India.

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